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the truth is that i'm fucking in love with you.

The truth is that i'm fucking in love with you. Didn't plan on it. And don't know how to stop my feelings for you.

I LOVE this. Joe sent this to me and I have it on my desk top!!

I wish I could turn back the clock. I'd find you sooner and love you longer. - And we could have saved each other so much grief, heartache and terrible decisions. We could have saved each other from meeting terrible mistakes. If only.

Marilyn Monroe. Neat Stuff Blog: Marilyn Monroe at the Beach

A curvaceous, red-lipped Marilyn Monroe poses on Amagansett Beach, Long Island while on holiday with husband Arthur Miller in 1957 for one of her most iconic editorials shot by Sam Shaw. (I could see this with a Parker Barker suit for sure.

I'll do all of these!

Unusual Date Ideas that actually sound like a lot of fun. Maybe I could just do some of these with a friend, because one does not simply need a date to be awesome.

Completely,, the way you grabbed my arm, spun me around, and kissed me so passionately! Wow! Was that a surprise. But i loved it♡

That night on the island, under the trees. I'll never forget it. The most exciting night of my life. It was scary and intense and so worth it. I'll never forget you, Tracy. I will always love you. We'll see each other again.

This is very true. God has a way with putting the right people in your life and just the right times.

"It's so Amazing When someone Comes To Your Life And You Expect Nothing Out Of It But Suddenly There Right In Front Of You Is Everything You Ever Need." quotes FOR PHILIP K. You are amazing and I cannot wait for all of our plans to come together:) 15 Date Night Ideas that are affordable and fun.

North Dakota GOP politician Randy Boehning - voted against gay rights, recently outed on gay dating site for sending explicit pics.