Kangaroo Island, South Australia

The beautiful crystal clear waters in Kangaroo Island, South Australia. Go for the weekend for stay for the week, plenty to see in Kangaroo Island these holidays

Morialta Falls, Adelaide Hills, Adelaide, South Australia. Not far from where we lived. Hiked with Jerry many times here.

Morialta Falls, Adelaide Hills, Adelaide, South Australia - Lived nearby and visited a lot.

The Blue Lake - Mt Gambier, South Australia Copyright - All Rights Reserved - Black Diamond Images

The Blue Lake, Mount Gambier. From November till April the cobalt blue of the water seen here is, amazingly, the actual colour of this stunning South Australian Volcanic Lake. For the remaining months of the year the water is a steel grey colour.

Moon Fall, Moana Beach, South Australia - By Dylan Toh

Moana Beach South Australia Last weekend, I had noticed the moon setting on the horizon just before dawn. A Stilted Moon

The Whispering Wall in the Barossa Valley, Adelaide - South Australia. This was the coolest place!! My only memory of visiting Australia as a kid,

The Whispering Wall in Williamstown, Barossa Valley ~ South Australia. Stand at either end of the 100 metre dam retaining wall and whispers will be clearly heard. Hubby played his iPod which I could hear perfectly at other end.

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