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My coworkers and I after a doctor or nurse has a power trip. Yes I paged. Chandler and Joey meme.

Captain Jack Harkness

*Spoiler* If you haven't gotten that far in Doctor Who. But when I found out that he was The Face of Boe, I kind of figured it out before, but it was still a big surprise. The people of BBC really do know what they are doing.

urinary system model

This is a model of a human urinary tract. It shows its connection to the cardiovascular system.

Oxytocin and adh are secreted by the posterior pituitary though. But the posterior pit is stimulated through the hypothalamus. This is correct but not the MOST correct ;)

Oxytocin and ADH are secreted by the posterior pituitary. The posterior pituitary is stimulated through the hypothalamus.

Anatomy of a nephron

The nephron is divided into 6 distinct parts Proximal (covoluted) tubule Descending loop of Henle Ascending loop of Henle Distal (convoluted) tubule Cortical collecting duct Distal collecting duct .

95 Funny Nursing eCards, Quotes, Jokes, and Memes:

Sorry you had to bring yourself in. This results from your mom being a nurse and suffering from 'justsuckitup' syndrome. My kids totally laugh at this one!

hay guyz! this is baylee! now i have my own board and i'm willing to share with anyone who would like to see!

"A sound soul, dwells within a sound mind, and a sound body." Anime- Soul EaterQuote By- Maka Albarn Anime Quote