passionfruit and lemon tart.

Passionfruit and Lemon Tart Holy Cow 3 things i love love love passion fruit, lemon, and tarts all in one!

dailydelicious: Passionfruit Mousse: Refreshing and delicious mousse that you will love!

I think passionfruit is one of delicious fruit in the world ^^, well, may be because I like both the tangy taste and the intoxicated smell.

if i can ever find passionfruit here... [pinning for shortbread-like base]

This slice has a coconutty 'melt and mix' base and a soft, creamy passionfruit flavoured topping. We like the slice to have significant pas.

Passion fruit Cream Pie

Celebrate Pi Day with this delicious sweet-tart dessert: Passionfruit Cream Pie.