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Go to to learn about making money from music   - this is how i feel in my music class because we actually have to sing this song and play it on the recorder

Introducing Tard the Grumpy Cat. A special guest starring role in amongst all my beloved dogs:). Because he saves me the trouble of having to highlight the general suckiness if cats. Thanks, Tard:).

Prehistoric Animals Antique Print

Prehistoric Animals Antique Print

Cryptoclidus | Zdeněk Burian (1905-1981) | Prehistoric Animals (1960)

Zdenek Burian 1905 ~ 1981 Prehistoric Animals Published by Paul Hamlyn Ltd ~ 1960

The Pteranodon model, part of Bullyland's Museum Line range of prehistoric animal models.

Pteranodon (Pterodactyl) Model from Bullyland (Everything Dinosaur) from plus postage.

Tylosaurus Cretaceous ferocious deadliest sea creature - Top 101 - Top 101 ferocious prehistoric animals - All you need to know about everything -

Tylosaurus was a mosasaur, a large, predatory marine lizard closely related to modern monitor lizards

Sea scorpions : Pterygotus & Eurypterus | Zdeněk Burian (1905-1981) | Prehistoric Animals (1960)

Pterygotus and Eurypterus Illustration by Zdenek Burian, 1955 "Prehistoric Animals," 1956

Golden Cocker Retriever

Golden cocker retriever full grown, always looks like a puppy - I have a blue-roan Cocker-Jack and she looks like a furry baby cocker spaniel puppy now even though she is nearly Love you Starshine!