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Stellar Mega Film Offices - Beijing - Office Snapshots

Stellar Mega Films is a Chinese company that focuses on movie making, viewing and investing. Their head office is located in Beijing, China and was designed by WTL Design. “Stella Mega wanted .

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Here is a layout of a standard therapy office. We need floor space to crawl around as well as some shelving/space for the toys we use.

THC is stored in the fat cells of the body because of THC being a fat soluble substance in addition. As a result, this element remains within the method for a period of time and is tough for an individual to rid them selves of the compound.

If you are reading this article then you deserve a hearty congratulation for taking the first step to quit smoking weed. Deciding to quit smoking weed is the foremost important and initial step towards addiction free life. Marijuana or Weed…

It's easy to say something  you'll regret. I imagine alcohol intensifies this effect.

“Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded.” True on the mental level.

This drawing is from "Wading", a project that presents the most severe form of isolation as loneliness that is experienced when physically surrounded by other people. The presence of others is what can intensify the experience of loneliness for an individual. These works depict figures wading in an infinite and undefined body of water. I visually portray loneliness as the experience of feeling unseen and unknown within a group.

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