Maree Weatherstone

Maree Weatherstone

Maree Weatherstone
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Father’s Day Goodie Bags  - Father’s Day Crafts {Simple and Sweet} #fathersday #crafts #ties

Does your dad have a sweet tooth? This Father's Day, make him Dandy Dad Goodie Bags. This homemade Father's Day gift transforms an ordinary brown paper sack into an extraordinary goodie bag.

fathers day poems from daughter

"Walk With Me, Daddy" poem keepsake. This poem I wish I could I have sent to my daddy but as sad as it is he's not here for me to send it to him but I know he hears me and he knows I wish him a happy Father's Day. Rest in paradise daddy I love you

Tattoo means family

Celtic symbol for female/motherhood/sisterhood merged with Celtic symbol for transitions through life. Would intertwine my daughters' names.

Family Tattoo Quotes for Men

Family tattoo designs which will definitely enhance the bond between you and your family. Here are a few world renowned family tattoos to choose from.

Ad astra per aspera | This phrase means “to the stars through difficulties” and is the motto of Kansas.

Per Aspera ad Astra "Through Hardships, To The Stars" or "A Rough Road Leads To The Stars" or "To The Stars Through Difficulties"