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Easy DIY Art with Napkin Decoupage! Featured on Completely Coastal:

Coastal Napkin Decoupage Great project if you don't know How to Paint! Simply create napkin decoupage Art with cracking medium and your choice of paper napkins.

How to decoupage paper onto a tabletop….

How to decoupage scrapbook paper onto a tabletop with Mod Podge. ( gonna try this on a wooden tray )

distressed furniture is decoupaged and then sealed. How pretty!

I love the stool with the vintage flower patterns. A bit of mod podge, a picture of the flowers, and some kind of transluscent crackle paint could immitate the look, I'm sure.


I love doing this, espec. using crackle paint/glaze! There are so many interesting shaped bottles, a quick soak takes label off and I coat once with gesso, no matter what the finished color.