Flagstaff Hill Fort at Wollongong Head Lighthouse.

P Mode. Cloud cover sheltering any harsh light added a sense of sadness to Flagstaff Hill Fort with thoughts to what might have gone on behind the closed dark windows & door. Converted to BLK & WHT to increase the mood of history.

Enjoying the beautiful beach at Broadbeach with cityscape in distance.

B-B)-Deep dof-Full body-Sunlight outdoors. sec, ISO lens @ Using allowed sharp view of buildings in background keeping subject in foreground in sharp focus also.

The grandness of Saint Joseph's College in Sydney.

Aperture - sec. Converting to blk&wht as I felt this magnified building grandness.

Mooring at Iluka NSW

- NIKON LENS - @ AUTO WB-No Flash, I took a couple different angle shots of this mooring & this one seem to draw me in best. Taken at Sunset.

Trawlers docked for the night to overlook Iluka Co-Op in one of the bay areas.

ILUKA BAY - NIKON Auto-ISO no flash, Auto WB, Lightroom Edited. Editing used to lift any dark shadows within shot. Temp a touch warmer as I felt the image became more realistic due to auto settings.

Wollongong Head Lighthouse & Flagstaff Hill Fort

Wollongong Head Lighthouse & Flagstaff Hill Fort

Black & White image gives a false sense to  these ladders reaching the heavens. Canberra Observatory

Using repetitive elements in image & converting to BLK&WHT for stronger sense of rhythm, gives a false sense of reaching the heavens.

Pavilion of the Hotel Canberra

LIGHT-P Mode. Re-done & used lens correction-upright-full, which improved the image. With cloud cover coming & going, I felt this shot with the harsh shadow was only improved with some editing in LR.

Had some fun creating "ghost like" images while staying with my daughter

Had some fun creating "ghost like" images while staying with my daughter

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