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Omg! These are "Friendship Rings" and they can put any design in them!!! But i love the Jellys!
Nature rings...pinned by ♥ wootandhammy.com, thoughtful jewelry.
You can't create truly beautiful & inspiring work if you are busy trying to replicate a result or emulate someone else's success! Unfortunately we live in a world today where people are hungry for a result or an outcome and in most cases, it's not the outcome or result that matters as much as the work you create! What separates the great artists like Michelangelo, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson and Coco Chanel is that they were passionate about their craft and creating beautiful work.....tha...
Prophet Muhammad quote on Shyness
Don't forget that your Magical Inner Child likes to come out and play...
Don't Give Up — Sacha Stewart http://www.sachastewart.net/blog/2015/7/22/yz9smb745j4ea42dbwcf5k8qay7p52