TEDxRyersonU - Ramona Pringle - Real Wisdom from Virtual Worlds

As we get more and more connected, our virtual worlds aren't just parallel to real life, they're extens.

TEDxBKK - Chris Smith - 3D Virtual Worlds

Shamblesguru has been in Second Life for over two years, in that time he's built a three SIM Estate named "International Schools Island", facilitated many te.

TEDxWinnipeg - Jim Blascovich - Digital Freedom: Virtual Reality, Avatars, and Multiple Identities

, University of California at Santa Barbara If Our Brains Can't Distinguish between the Virtual World and the Real World, How Do We Know.

Virtual Worlds and the New Frontiers of Learning

Virtual Worlds and the New Frontiers of Learning

Youtube, 3D

YouTube Adds A “Play In 3D” Option Across Its Site

Infinite Reality: Avatars, Eternal Life and New Worlds

(April Jeremy Bailenson shares his research on virtual reality, avatars, transformed social interaction, and related communication and psychologica.

Assessment in VWs

Assessment in Virtual World: Mission Impossible?

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