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mystic- pictures like this were all over my grandmother's house....

Items similar to Crystal Ball, Fortune Teller Fridge Magnet vintage image, dark and creepy, sepia tones on Etsy

Fire starter

Primal magic burns in the base of you body. Flowing out of you. You have to become the element before you can release it. If you want to burn others, you have to burn with them.

havenwoodland: themagicfarawayttree: Fall in the forest photo Ulrika Ekblom Styling Liselotte Forslin

Outdoor decorations, inspiration for the wine bar, for the Halloween Party. DIY Candle holders is a great craft for getting into the spirit.

The Elements Chart - Great for beginners :)

Air, Fire, Water, Earth, Spirit - Elemental Correspondences - Many sources were pilfered for this material.