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The Secret To Happiness That Successful People Know — VivaLa

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Expansion by Paige Bradley Yoga Sculpture New York, Wow. I haven’t encountered a piece of sculpture so beautiful in quite some time. Expansion is a recent work by sculptor Paige Bradley. (via eat like a whale, curse like a sailor)

"SPRITUAL STRONGHOLDS BEGIN WITH A THOUGHT... becomes a consideration... develops into an attitude... leads then to action... repeated becomes a habit, and a habit ESTABLISHES a "POWER BASE FOR THE ENEMY," that is, a stronghold." ~ Elisabeth Elliot

Chinese proverb: "You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair. Have you seen my hair?

Sprituality is the measure of how loving you are

Mastin Kipp, a spiritual guru and creator of popular inspirational website, The Daily Love, went from hitting rock bottom (girlfriend left him and he lost his

Angel ~ By Pierre the III ............ Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly .

Angel ~ By Pierre the III . Never do anything faster than your Guardian Angel can fly. The best way to connect with your Angels is via your Crown Chakra in "Stillness" the magic really happens there