Marit Warlow

Marit Warlow

I use Pinterest to find interesting stuff and to find it again. Many are the work of other people. I admire their work. Their copywrite belongs to them.
Marit Warlow
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Hobby Robotics » Build Your Own Electric Spinning Wheel

Hobby Robotics +Build Your Own Electric Spinning Wheel= schooling for the kids

npOcmO npO-OPEXu :): Количество Орехов и масса Ядра урожая с одного дерева Орехов

Walnut Forest by FauxHead photo manipulation a bonsai forest in a walnut shell (not likely, but what an idea!

Papercrete Recipe | Posted by F. Michael LaRosa at 5:41 AM sculpture mix (with 2-pound coffee can): ** four cans cellulose insulation ** two cans sand ** one can cement ** water to mix thoroughly but not too wet ** ample (and I do mean ample) readymix joint compound

I made a couple batches of papercrete with the tow mixer last week, and used it to daub a base coat over much of the remaining bare armature.