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Photo of Cap for fans of Lost submitted by BeautifulLover 21775314. -- these two wonderful humans...I miss lost. And Desmond. And poor Charlie.
Yes I do! That is why I'm re-watching it right now (: "We have to go back." Love Lost.
Best Lost Moments
Making a t-shirt of this for myself for Christmas.
John Locke, such an amazingly complex and confusing character at times detestable and other times he was sympathetic. But always a mystery.
No other TV show has come close to the love you have for LOST. | Community Post: 15 Signs "LOST" Changed Your Life
Top 12 des signes que tu es accro aux séries (et méchamment même)
lost minimalist tv poster serie
lost minimalist tv poster serie
only 3 things a woman needs to hear, Lost