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Just remembered my obsession with Lady Lovely Locks as a child. This (+ My Little Pony) would probably explain why my hair hasn't been a natural color for over 10 years.  And, of course the Asian chick in the back with purple streaks (like mine used to be) is evil...

Princess Lady Lovely Locks and her Fairy Companions the Pixietails. Most of what they have to worry about comes from the evil Duchess Ravenwaves who wants to take over the land Lovely Locks rules. Lady Lovely Locks, Maiden Fair Hair, and Maiden Curly Cro

Does anyone other than me remember Lady Lovely Locks and the pixie tails?

Lady Lovely Locks, Maiden CurlyCrown, & Maiden FairHair having a picnic.

Lady Lovely Locks (character from my childhood. Loved her coloring books, and the doll, etc)

I remember this! squirrels held streaks of colored hair in with her real hair, I had the doll you could share hair clippies with! why did we think this was normal?

Lady Lovely Locks dolls...Maiden Fair Hair, Lady Lovely Locks, and Duchess RavenWaves....along with some pixie tails

Moon Dreamers and their "castle". I had all of them, that exact "castle" and the glow in the dark green witch!

Lady Lovely Locks.... Where my unrealistic  hair expectations began!

Lady Lovely Locks and the adorable baby dragons;Merry Curls,Sweet Curls and Bouncy Curls.

Duchess RavenWaves. Artwork from "Lady Lovely Locks" series.

Duchess Raven - Lady Lovely Locks nemesis, but she was my absolute favourite xxxx