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Margaret Wilson

Margaret Wilson
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I need oodles of Poodles. my standard Poodle was the smartest dog I ever had. I kept him groomed just like these guys.

Miniature Poodle Dog Information | Miniature Poodle Facts  Pictures ...

Poodle dog breed is a collective name of three different poodle dogs including Toy poodle,Standard Poodle,Miniature Poodle.All three of them are different in sizes.

Ringo: Looking for drop bears, to the right.....

Ringo: Looking for drop bears, to the right.

Huxtable The Poodle | Toy Poodle Blog | Parti Poodle: Modern Poodle Grooming Chart Illustration

A very pretty modern poodle grooming chart . It's actually more of an artistic poodle print illustration by artist Amelie Fontaine.