Windmills and water tanks. We had a water tank near the house. I have memories… Mais

The sheep are all ready to be shorn in Yallingup, Western Australia. Australian Kelpie walking across the backs of sheep.


Slot canyons, Australia (Isn't this Argonath from Lord of the Rings? Slot Canyons look different.

we have done it and yes it rocks...Walk amongst kangaroos in Australia

Walking amongst the kangaroos was so much fun! We were able to pet and feed them. I was so surprised at how soft their fur is. You will see Kangaroos in Australia like we see deer in Michigan

Eucalyptus trees on Matt and Lentil’s property. Photo by Eve Wilson, styling by Stefanie Stamatis for The Design Files.

Be prepared for anything.that is why it is always recommended to travel in a group!