Ryan Mash Penton

Ryan Mash Penton

Ryan Mash Penton
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Scrollsaw Workshop: Scroll Saw Padlock Pattern and Video.

Here's a fun project. Make a padlock from wood.

DIY foam fitted case - this might come in handy sometime

Form-Fitting Case-, Drawer-Liners From Old T-Shirts, Canned Foam. Could work with other tools.

Toilet roll holder. Pallet wood:) Visit,Like and Shop our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/RusticFarmhouseDecor

Toilet roll holder or plastic bag holder.

20140601 121310 600x800 Pallet skull chair in pallet furniture  with Recycled pallet Outdoor Furniture Chair

I wouldn't make a skull chair. Just pinning for idea . Pallet skull chair in pallet furniture with Recycled pallet Outdoor Furniture Chair

Pallet Bar stools - IndustrialDesignNZ

Pallet Bar stools - IndustrialDesignNZ Steel sheds can be manufactured with skylights and windows, if you so desire. There's no need to wait till tomorrow - you're about to enter a new activity. You can read on or merely scroll down and click the links.

#pallets: This reclaimed pallet project allows you to store your reading materials in your reading chair. http://dunway.info/pallets/index.html

Pallet with Storage Cubbies - DIY: Top 10 Recycled Pallet ideas and Projects Pallets

hide things behind paintings

Hidden Jewelry Holder - This is an awesome DIY project. All you need is a couple nails, some hinges a little bit of altering and a place to hang a pretty picture. I think it's a good idea, and a convenient way to hide your valuables.

Hair appliance storage- pipes.  (Lowe's probably has these)

Michelle I think this would be perfect for our hot hair stuff in our bathroom. Use PVC pipe ,paint your own color ,and use for flat iron and hair dryer storage.

Bench-Top Tool Storage Tip. Maybe add a fixing for stability/functionality?

Bench-Top Tool Storage Tip Build this slide-in base and mount the vise or tool on it so the entire unit can slide back in upside down and out of the way. Countersink holes into the underside of the base so you can recess the mounting nuts and washers.

Reuse plastic containers

1 of 2 Recycle laundry detergent bottles Save those laundry detergent bottles and use them to hold jumbo supplies of screws and nails. Cut the top off the bottle to create a wide-mouth bin with a built-in design ideas design designs house design interior