Easy Paleo Almond Flour Pastry Crust

Coconut Almond Pastry Crust

Easy clean eating recipe for pie crust. This healthy coconut crust is great for as sweet crust or savoury crust. Gluten free crust, paleo crust and grain free crust this pir crust recipe ticks all the allergy boxes for a healthy dessert.

Quirky Cooking: Chocolate Hazelnut Spread - dairy free, no nasties, sweetened with a little rapadura and green stevia.

Quirky Cooking: Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with coconut oil or butter, hazelnuts, dark chocolate, rap aura

Making Butter in the Thermomix - Quirky Cooking

Quirky Cooking: Making Spreadable Butter in the Thermomix pure cream macadamia oil (or olive oil if you like the taste) filtered water sea salt/himalayan salt (opt.

Quirky Cooking- Thermomix Nut Butter (Healthier than peanut butter)

Quirky Cooking: Nut Butter raw almonds - roasted cashews (unsalted) - raw macadamias - 2 tsp Rapadura - 1 tsp sea salt (or to taste)

Grain Free Hot Cross Muffins (GAPS Friendly)

You’ve probably noticed that I’m a very last minute kinda person. I’ve been meaning to work out a grain free, GAPS friendly hot cross bun recipe […]