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Alex Honnold one of the most talented rock climbers

house-under-a-rock: Alex Honnold bouldering in the Ennedi Desert photo: Jimmy Chin


Rock Climbing at Batu Caves Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Learning to climb the real rock in outdoor damai rock with profesional climbing instructor

Matthias Trottman climbs a mountain in Engelberg, Switzerland. The adrenaline-junkies really do live on the edge, and feel no fear at scaling mountains at heights of over 1000 feet, picture: Rainer Eder / Visual Impact /Guzelian

Top 10 Most Extreme Moments Of Life On The Edge<< thought it said life on the LEDGE and I couldn't stop laughing… whoops

Hanne Riise, De Fil en Aiguille 6C, Fontainebleau, France photo by Martin Argus

Hanne Riise, De Fil en Aiguille Fontainebleau, France I want to go to there.