Carrot- Paris Market

Daucas carota, Unique small round orange/red carrots growing to around in diameter.

Parsley, Italian

Petroselinum sativum, Biennial often grown as an annual.

Coriander- Slow bolt

Coriandrum sativum, This variety is slow to bolt and best suited for growing fresh leaves. Annual growing to DRY the seeds for use. See planting guide



Marjoram, Sweet

Need to spice things up? Here is a list of Low FODMAP herbs & spices and how they are used around the world: Allspice (Jamaica pepper, English pepper) - Used to flavor stews, meat dishes, desse.

Lavender- Munstead

Lavender angustifolia, Hardy perennial growing to Compact variety with silvery grey foliage and attractive fragrant lavender blue flowers.

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