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Samurai tattoo this is the other one but i will have the japanese flag in back ground.

This Man Has Just Raised The Bar For Hyperrealistic Tattoos. Dmitriy Samohin is a tattoo artist from the Ukraine whose work is unlike anything you've ever seen on a human body.


"I am a warrior, love this samurai warrior tattoo". Unique awesome amazing hyper realism realistic tattoo tattoos body art cool Bio-mechanical Biomechanical greyscale beautiful male guy full arm back chest sleeve warrior

Lamborghini Hot Rod concept. Hot or Not? You decide... #TinderforCars

'Rat rod ' on speed to facilitate speed 0 to 100 at light speed similar to the Star Wars special effects of blurred out stars as travel so amazingly fast,but only suited to straight line drag racing format as Rat rod specialist machine!

Batman bra and underwear, black with batman symbol.

- Batman bra and underwear, black with batman symbol, i do have other batman underwear but i love these all the same