McLeod's Daughters - Photo Gallery

McLeod's Daughters - Kate Manfredi, Jodi Fountain McLeod, Alex Ryan and Stevie Hall at the wedding of Nick Ryan and Tess McLeod

McCloud's Daughters, Claire, portrait, dog, cute, photograph, nice hat, big smile, happy, loving her character

McLeod's Daughters - Clare and Roy

McLeods Daughters

McLeod's Daughters - Australia + strong female leads + cute outdoorsy guys + horses + one of the worst/corniest music scores ever created = love of my life. ----Agree with it all but the music score.

Mcleods Daughters

(From the left) Nick, Tess, Claire, Alex. Of McLeods Daughters

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Men of McLeod's Daughters, (left to right) Jonny Pasvolsky plays Matt, Brett Tucker plays Dave Brewer and Aaron Jeffery plays Nick Ryan. Watch McLeod's Daughters on Hulu (if only for the eye candy!