January 22nd, 2013...Aboriginal handprint art project with Cyrus...his on the left, mine on the right :)

January handprint art project with Cyrus.his on the left, mine on the right :)

Write a code for a friend. Visit Laughing Kids Learn: Aboriginal Clapping Sticks

Aboriginal Clapping Sticks

Aboriginal Art Graphic Symbols and Meanings - Creative Arts/HSIE Syllabuses: great for Stage 2 or Stage

Aboriginal symbols on rocks for children to play with. NAIDOC week.

Students can study aboriginal symbols and transfer them onto rocks to be added to a rock garden that the whole school contributes as a part of NADOC week celebrations.

echidna craft and book

echidna craft and book (Australia Theme)

Naidoc week

Accessed from EYLF/NQF - Ideas & Discussions. love how it is the children's own interpretation of the flag

-Beautiful leaf art

cool idea for something to do with your autumn leaves.or aboriginal designs! Magnolia leaves would be perfect for this!

Simulating bark paintings.. each kid could get a brown paper bag!

each kid could get a brown paper bag!

Nadoc week.

Nadoc week.

Hands On Crafts for Kids - symmetry

Make a Boomerang - Australia

NAIDOC Week 2014

NAIDOC Week 2014

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