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The importance of rainforest. Biodiversity, Medicines, Food diversity, Climate, Water and Temperature, The Greenhouse Effect, Watersheds, Homeland for fores peoples, non-material values, descay and renewal in the rainforest


This unit begins by giving students an understanding of the physical features and scientific processes at work in the rainforest. Students will develop an appreciation of the rainforest aesthetically, and of its abundant resources, before considering conservation issues.


Rainforest: Beneath the Canopy Part 01 - YouTube. Introduction 1.13 minute - Aim of the video: discover the secrets of the - Rainforest has survived through many harsh conditions, outlasting the dinosaurs times. - The importance of light is mostly considered. Trees 1.15 - presents facts of rainforest trees (age, height, how sunlight allows them to survive) Water 2.20 - Personification: “these rivers and streams have the veins and arties of the rainforest ecosystem” Birds, small crea