I love Percy Jackson and the Avengers
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Wow. One time at camp I whispered "everybody clap yo hands" and it was so creepy how everyone just started clapping like they were being possessed. That's what true power feels like.

This *so* my kid. His first spoken word was "Airplane!!!!!" at an air show when a plane roaring overhead scared him. From then on, it was full sentences. I guess he just didn't have anything to say before then.<<<Your kid is going places.

I have to do this!!!! Omg it would be amazing!!! Me and my three other friends could do this!!!! It would be great!!!

Omg omg omg omg omg I can't I actually laughed out loud my gosh I love this so frickin much and I relate to the awkwardness so much. Once a girl at my old school who liked pewdiepie said f*** in Swedish in front of like 3 people who know swedish. <<<< omg

Bet you're getting tired of tumblr comps. -> No, i'm angry cause i can't read the last one on my mobile, the font is too small :(