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Oreo Cookie Cupcakes

Half an Oreo makes a delicious cookie crust on these cookie-laced and frosted Oreo Cupcakes from The Taylor House. Source: The Taylor House

special heart that listens//

To be kind is more important than to be right. Many times, what people need is NOT a brilliant mind that speaks but a Special Heart that Listens ~ God is Heart

Very true!!

Quoted from the cheesy movie, Sucker Punch but not sure who said it originally. Love it regardless!

true true

Don't worry about what people say behind your back. They're the ones who find faults in your life instead of fixing their own. live your own life}


Funny pictures about Jay Z nails it. Oh, and cool pics about Jay Z nails it. Also, Jay Z nails it.


Sometimes we need to forget some people from our past because of one simple reason, they just don’t belong in our future. It's true there's always someone better!