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Hair Styles tutorial...this might work with all of Harley's thick hair. that way all of it could be split into 2 parts instead of getting it all to wind around 1

Create 2 ponytails and make both into a rope braid (jus two strands of hair twisted around each other). Tie them at the end and loosen the braids a little. Take braid from your back right and lay it down going counter-clockwise using bobby pins to secure it. Take the other braid coiling it into the center and secure it with bobby pins. There you have it :) Enjoy.

Suburban Faux-Pas: @Gemma Ocampo-Sioson Guide x SFP Photo by @Anna Totten Tsoulogiannis (annawithlove)

easy updo for quick gardening to public hair (a look that appears as though you did something with it)