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Hetalia - England x America - Adorable!

USUK, APH America, APH England, Comic

USUK, APH America, APH England, Comic <<< not one for usuk but this is just too cute

Ahhh! So ccuuu~te!!

I ship them so hard! Their love is not out there for others to see. I am so proud of Sakura for never ever giving up and thank goodness Sasuke finally accepted her.

USUK - Teasing of the Guard by on @deviantART That is so cruel America!!!! xD

America don't acting like a child and kiss England please.

by 零… - Hetalia - America / England

Hetalia ~ USUK American (Alfred F. Jones) x England (Arthur Kirkland)


America and England. We've had our ups and downs, but America secretly likes England best.