11 Gorgeous Drought-Friendly Landscapes

Trial and error and ‘tough love’ have transformed a barren and windy South Australian hilltop into a striking, water-wise garden. Plantings, including pretty Euphorbia, hardy succulents and the bold pink flower spires of Echium, line this pathway at Boat’s End garden in South Australia.

Boats End garden in South Australia. A water-wise garden. Euphorbia,hardy succulents, pink flower spires of Echium.

Australian native garden

"Gardening Australia" presenter Angus Stewart's volume on Australian Natives. A very knowledgeable man on the subject.

colours and textures up hill with small plants to create layered effect

Lavender cotton is a landscape workhorse, bringing color, texture and an easy space filler to the garden. Notice how it fills out the bank alongside orange snake flower shrubs (Bulbine frutescens Hallmark) in this design by Eileen Kelly.

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