Never apply logic to Who. The doctor's wives: Elizabeth, river, Tardis, master

Tamara from Home and Away ~ her and Casey were so perfect together! Then Adam captured her and Ricky, and Tamara lost her memory and lost her memories of Casey. :( now I wish that her and Kyle would just sort things out!! :P

'Home and Away's Casey Braxton, Tamara Kingsley to grow closer

Home And Away cast film scenes for Marilyn and John's wedding

I know its a scene from 'Home & Away' but what a lovely wedding dress

At home! Home and Away's Philippa Northeast (L), Saturday Disney presenter, Teigan Nash (m.

Ray Meagher as Alf Stewart , 1988 - Current. If you don't like him, you must be a flamin galah!

Home and Away, Casey Braxton in London

Home and Away, Casey Braxton in London episodes