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German Shepherd...cute..cute..cute

God made them so cute so we can't refuse them. Will grow up to be an insanely beautiful dog.I LOVE GERMAN SHEPHERDS!

German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix

SO CUTE. german shepherd / golden retreiver (this is what my dog would have looked like when he was a baby! He's also a german shepherd/golden mix)!

They stand on washers and herd anything that moves lolImage viaTop 10 Laziest Dog BreedsImage viaPinter

look up paw patrol. he is to cute and my eight year old sis' favorite dog. forgot to say, that she is puppy palace princess german shepherd

Love German Shepard's, ;)

When Lightning Strikes If your pet suffers anxiety during a thunderstorm, it likely isn't because of the flashes of light or the sound, but a buildup of static electricity in his coat. Rub a dryer sheet on the coat to remove the static electricity.