White Whiteley: the portrait of Patrick White by Brett Whiteley

Patrick White at Centennial Park, by Brett Whiteley oil, collage on canvas on board Parliament of New South Wales Collection

The divided unity - Brett Whiteley

Art idea: Brett Whitely - 'The Divided Unity'. Print on Glue onto Ask students to try to continue the pattern.

Brett Whitely Screen as the bathroom window 1976

Brett Whiteley Screen as the bathroom window 1976 National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

brett whiteley - the olgas

Brett Whiteley painting titled The Olgas by the famous contemporary Australian artist from Sydney.

Around sofala - brett whiteley

Around sofala - brett whiteley

Brett Whitely

Detail from 'Sydney Harbour' - Brett Whiteley. If in Sydney, seek out his studio for a visit ; now a museum dedicated to Brett run by the NSW Art Gallery.