50 insane facts about Australia

Avant is Proudly Australian owned and managed. We are the oldest local owned recruitment company in the Territory. This board celebrates our passion for the Northern Territories natural wonders. Facts about Australia.

These are bush Aussie sayings. I'd say they come from the english heritage of cockney sayings when Australia was settled by english convicts.

True Blue - An aussie sayings print

These are true blue Aussie sayings just in time for Australia Day, 26 January.

ANZAC - let us not forget our allies who parish and suffer along with our U.S. troops.  Australian - a soldier of freedom is a soldier to remember

Here's 51 links to (mostly smaller), but fascinating military websites, which you'll find useful for your Australian military history and research

In honour of all those who have served and still serve and the families that support them-thank you...

Thanks to ALL military soldiers, especially my Dad who suffers everyday from being in the Vietnam War. I love you!

Remembrance Day

At the hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month. We will remember them. Lest we forget. Wear a poppy on Remembrance Day

Lest we forget

New Zealand Defence Force hats pictured at ANZAC Cove Gallipoli. NZ Lemon Sqeezer at centre.

By Men at Work :)

I come from a land down under .no not Aussie or Tassie but New Zealand !