Don't fancy the cornices so much but we don't mind the use of bullheads like these to add interest and a practical function e.g. lighting or poss ac duct

setting of bathroom - shower to the right and closed toilet to the left? not sure if enough space - with the vanity in the design decorating bathroom design interior decorating before and after

This is the same SA home again - they have used the face of a bullhead or step in ceiling for the AC duct - we really like the look of these dupe long slimline ducts as the seem much less obtrusive and kind of in keeping with clean lines, minimalist look.

Using cool neutral bases, the studio manage to evoke an air of calm and serenity in their designs, making their visualized homes somewhere a.

Eureka; I think this house may sum up what effect you are going for with perimeter bulkhead idea! I think it works in this house as rather than looking like a box coming down from the ceiling it creates a chunky sunken look to the window spaces.

interesting placement of a bench on end of island Market Street Penthouse Kitchen - modern - kitchen - san francisco - Winder Gibson Architects

Here once again we can see where a perimeter buklhead can look great - and create a sunken/recessed effect to windows.

Designed by Winder Gibson Architects, this modern contemporary penthouse apartment is located on the Market Street, in San Francisco.

Another AC outlet that ties in with the design nicely

A lowered “bulkhead” corridor ceiling emphasizes the transition from the original house. Parure House by Architects EAT

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