Brother Baba Budan | Melbourne. Hanging a menagerie of chairs from the ceiling as a design element. interesting!

Tips for interior design: Get a household object, turn it upside down, hang it from the ceiling. At Brother Baba Budan in Melbourne

Greenhouse by Joost. Sustainable, waste-free restaurant in Melbourne, Australia.

Greenhouse: a waste-free restaurant in Melbourne

The Greenhouse restaurant, at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, incorporates the use of Ecoply plywood from Carter Holt Harvey Australia.

Exterior View of the concrete pipe dining booths - Prahran Hotel

Prahran Hotel, Melbourne, Australia / Techne Architects - The Prahran Hotel reveals its new exterior renovations, which feature nearly 40 metres of concrete pipe.

Parisian pizza with potatoes and dandelion - (in French & English) ~ substitute chicory, frisée, or arugula for dandelion if need be.

Plateau de la mer - Wayside Inn, South Melbourne.

Wayside Inn in South Melbourne

10 Unusual Dining Experiences in Melbourne | DestinAsian

Melbourne is a foodie's paradise, but the city also serves plenty of quirky dining experiences.

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product range – zeally bay sourdough – certified organic bakery

Zeally Bay Sourdough is a wholefood bakery based in Torquay turning out a range of certified organic sourdough breads. We are the first artisan sourdough bakery in Victoria to offer a fully certified range of genuine, quality, handcrafted loaves.

Independent grocers such as Leon Mugavin from Elwood's The Leaf Store are using social media to spread the word about great local produce.

Boutique grocers flourish as shoppers look past the ''big two'', writes Jane Holroyd.

The Retreat at the Lake House, Dalysford

Overlooking a lagoon, Lake House hotel in Daylesford pairs rural relaxation (treetop hot tubs, anyone?) and award-winning food with your wine-tasting tour of vineyard-rich Victoria.

CERES, East Brunswick, Melbourne

Hidden and intriguing places to eat, see, discover and visit – CERES

Tivoli Road Bakery | Melbourne's Best Doughnuts, Broadsheet Melbourne (look at those salted caramel doughnuts!)

Dusted, glazed or dipped, Melbourne is serving up some pretty delicious doughnuts these days.

Myrtleford Butter Factory hand made cultured butter

Myrtleford Butter Factory hand made cultured butter