Polished concrete floors with white aggregate - yes please

Polished concrete with white aggregate. The aggregate adds a bit of interest to your basic concrete floor.

Granito Vloer -Ilse Popelier

Beautiful terrazzo floor, bit warmer and more homely than polished concrete?

architect Frederic Kielemoes (photo by Thomas De Bruyne) Odilon Creations

Incredible fine architecture by interior architect Frederic Kielemoes (photo by Thomas De Bruyne)again perhaps a bit grey

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Perth Polished Concrete - Gallery

Looks more finished than polished concrete? And can we have the same aggregate outside, but In a rougher texture? (Perth Polished Concrete) Wooden floors in the master bedroom.

Polished concrete floors                                                       …

Free polished concrete test patches for industrial, commercial and large domestic projects. We offer mock-ups and test patches for large projects

Polished Concrete Floors Melbourne | Polished Concrete | Polished Concrete Flooring | Geocrete...I like the shine

Geocrete creates stunningly beautiful polished concrete floors, bench tops and fireplaces. We can enhance the interior of your home with beautiful and functional polished concrete features.

the speckles are nice in the polished concrete flooring

don't like specks but light concrete floor with cherry stairs chrome railing are nice

floor + wood combination

Terrazzo is a composite material, poured in place or precast, which is used for…

Modern Hallway Design

Modern Hallway Designs We Love Part Two

This shelf provides an attractive space to display the family's pottery collection. Photo by David Sandison.