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This impulsive person. 26 People Who Should Not Be Left Alone

College tradition seal step won't graduate for four years school mascot senior

Spn stuff I see (feel free to add): 1. Chosen one. 2. Pizza 3. Pizza guy.

chosen one my second in command the pizza guy looked so touched

It used to...but then some idiot came along and said "Hey what if!....."

I used to work at a pizza place and there was a shake shop down the road and we did this literally like every week, it was the best. <--almost makes working at a restaurant seem less horrible

I'm not even kidding someone make his happen for me. ._. I wanna march on after death. Forever.

I'm going to become the Black Parade. I don't care what my family says about it. I will become the Black Parade.

This is the funniest shit I've seen in a while.

A seagull true-crime story.

∶we're the voice of the new generation∶

Dark white or gray or light black.the questions of life.

The injustice tho. No one cares when dudes take their shirts off do they? No. Because girls aren't distracted. We RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE

We have a dress code at my school its not even close to enfoced Rules: don't show you butt or bar for girls Shorts to the knee and t- shirt for boys is what is enforce

Dude, I totally want to be like that person

you are valid gender fluid flag - - Yahoo Image Search Results

"andf our vice president!" you continue. "if you even knew what he promotes." you tell the aliens, who are rightly enraged. GOOD GOD, HIS CABINET!