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L.S.E. Mills: Site Analysis Diagrams

Simple and visually bold diagram that combines circulation, environmental conditions, and formal analysis in one spread. Could have used a more elegant color palette.

Section Cut | Make an Exploded Axon Mapping:

Better diagram tic layering, at least it's connected. (Line through centre) site mapping/analysis tutorial

Mapping exercise | diagram

This diagram is an analysis of Florence by students at Kansas State University. This diagram is successful because it shows different studies of Florence, such as figure ground study and geography, and how they relate to one another.

IWC África anuncia os vencedores do concurso para um centro de visitantes no Parque Nacional Kruger,Menção Honrosa: INDUKU. Cortesia de Arquideas

i think the blueprint of the complex guides the way to see the image. Its not as elaborate as the other images but i think it is really usefull.

Hand drawn city map of Raalte (called after some Dutch town). The city is situated on two rivers, on of them being an affluent, ending in the other. It's drawn as a city as it could have grown in multiple centuries: city center, former bastions, station close to the river side, apparment buildings from the 70s and newer neighbourhoods surrounding the city. In a word: a very European city.  Why it is called Raalte? Well,....................

Color-City map I assume illustrator and autocad were used to create. I love the simplicity of the grid and representation of the diagram.