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Oh my gosh, this made me laugh out loud, awesome! I always wondered why people day that instead of ask where it is.

15 Things that you may not know. Caution, use common sense with some of these

The mosquito bite only works with roll on liquid deodorant we use it at the campground all the time<<< Good to know

O amargo gosto da traição

Friday Funny gifs of the hour AM, Friday March – 10 gifs

bra tips på svenska

DIY Headlight(s) cleaning Apply some toothpaste to a dry cloth. Then rub the headlight cover with the cloth in a circular motion until the grime is gone. Once grime is gone rinse headlight(s) with water and wipe off with a wet cloth

This is why you always use a tire cage when filling up split rims. Lucky he didn't loose his leg.

When I step into a fed Teemo?s mushroom