Beautiful rainforest shower :)

A well designed shower can amplify the effect and therefore, interior designers focus a lot on the shower design. Today we have rounded up for you some of the best shower designs from around the world.

Indoor tree with lanterns for the "city center" feel around the kitchen w/ dining tables.

Garden Nite Lights - wood veneers and globes - by LZF , Chiva, near Valencia, Spain

Indoor garden in AstraZeneca's office, Sweden. Designer: Michael Hellgren.

Take a look at this vertical garden in AstraZeneca’s office in Sweden designed by Michael Hellgren:

The Rainforest Garden: A Tour of the Balcony

A Zen garden is intended to appear simple. The Zen garden has an extensive and impressive history and in reality, there are numerous different kinds of Zen garden.

Interior, Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens, Grown on Walls

Living walls, Green walls or vertical gardens is a concept that dates back to 600 BC with the Hanging Gardens of Babylon .

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