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I let slightly more air out of my nostrils than usual at some of these. Top notch hilarity. I love Moon Moon XD

I love people who do things like this<<< I completely lost it at new moon moon

Lateness, this is just all kinds of hilarious

Funny pictures about 46 excuses for being late. Oh, and cool pics about 46 excuses for being late. Also, 46 excuses for being late.

Wifi fighting>>>I laughed more at the rebageled part...it felt good to truly laugh again:)

Wifi fighting>>> I love the dude in the back like "just call geek squad" "take a deep breath man" it's amazing xD

Okay this is great

Freaking lasers XD<<< He had to save her from placebo radiation I'm dying halp XD

My sister's boyfriend is from Russia and he just graduated from college so his…