Italians Do Not Follow Rules - Joe Avati

Joe Avati is an Italian-Australian comedian who is popular among Italian and descendant of Italians from his native Australia, as well as in Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, where he has performed on several occasions

Italian Wedding Speech - Joe Avati

Joe's classic & famous routine: The Italian Wedding Speech! Directed by Sal DiChiera. Edited by Joe Avati & Sal DiChiera.

Italian Mums - Joe Avati

Italian Mums - Joe Avati Growing up with an Italian Mum. Recorded Live in Australia,

School Memories & Show Intro - Joe Avati

School Memories & Show Intro - Joe Avati

Italian Doctor Who - Joe Avati

“Italian Doctor” Joe Avati Italian-Australian Comedian * Is there a Doctor in the House? Joe Avati thinks so. This is an observation of how Italians play doctor to their friends and relatives. Recorded Live in Australia, * NEXT PAGE Video

Living with Nonna - Joe Avati

Living with Nonna - Joe Avati

Joe Avati - Wogs and Technology

Joe Avati talking about wogs and technology in the Il Dago show.

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