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race car made with buttons and a clothespin To make one car, you need Glue Two twist ties Four buttons, preferably equal in size, and at least 1" in diameter. If you are using two different sizes, pick the larger ones for the back wheels so they are like real race cars. One clothes peg 2 short bits of a not-too-narrow straw, just a little longer than the width of the clothespin One small button

Maybe less prep than toilet paper roll. Clothespin Race Car - Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids - The Crafty Crow

I love these adorable quirky paper puppets - with mouthes that open and close with a clothespin! Love this unique, easy clothespin craft for kids (or adults). It includes a free printable for the faces, which you can then color in, and add yarn and googly

These Clothespin Paper Puppets are really cute and your kids will surely love it. Here is a tutorial on how to make these cute clothespin paper puppets

Create gorgeous, colourful butterfly prints using a kitchen sponge

Colourful butterfly printing using a kitchen sponge and hair elastic. This is so simple and fun for kids of all ages (including kids at heart!

My class love their Quiet Critters. I love that they only come out of their soundproof jar when the class is quiet! They have sensitive ears. Free label can be downloaded at my website. #teachersofinstagram #quietcritters

Kids made these, super cute! So easy! We used felt flowers from Kmart for the feet. Quiet Critters They live in a soundproof jar & only come out when it's quiet. Loud noises hurt their ears, but whispering is ok.