Cool way to help kids study important people, i.e. presidents. You could make your own guess who of whatever! Would be a good way for church leaders to//

Guess Who: Historical Figures - Cool way to help kids study important people, i. It could also work for people with TBI's, Aphasia or some form of dementia! A fun way to study important people in your life like family and friends!

Great idea to help kids understand where they live (house, neighborhood, city, state, country, continent, etc)

Me on the Map - great idea for teaching location and map skills. I'd use a brad instead of a staple. Also, keep track of city/state/country on the larger maps

Bringing Inquiry-Based Learning Into Your Class - A four-step approach to using a powerful model that increases student agency in learning.

Bringing Inquiry-Based Learning Into Your Class

Bring inquiry based learning into your classroom - Illustration of the different levels of inquiry.

Image: A beautiful picture that represents the different indigenous languages of Australia. Could be used for an idea in "representing data".

Going Down Swinging on

Australian Geographic - Dave Foster (Artist): Custom lettering for a word map showing over 380 Aboriginal tribes and dialects in their respective locations.

Dreamtime Stories - Biladurang The Platypus

Dreamtime Story Animation "Biladurang The Platypus" for the Marambul Yuganha Exhibition at the Griffith campus of TAFE NSW Riverina Institute Exhibitio.

Horrible First Fleet

Horrible First Fleet -Locate information related to inquiry questions in a range of sources -Compare information from a range of sources -Identify points of view in the past and present

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