Orangutan Information Report by Max

Classification Orangutans are the big, hairy mammals that live in Indonesia and Sumatra. They live in trees and can act / climb like a.

Orangutan Report by Joe

Classification: Orangutans are a human like creatures that live in rainforest. There two species of orangutans the Sumatran (Pongo.

Orangutans by Ben H

Classification Frugivorous mammalScientific name: pongo - m in - 82 kg in weightGreat apeWarm-bloodedOrangutan.

Orangutans by Ben B

Classification Orangutans are a member of the primate family.

Orangutans by Sam A

Classification Orangutan means man of the forest. The scientific name for orangutan is "pongo"

Orangutan by Sapumal

Classification There are two species of orangutan.

Orangutans by Rosalili

Classification The name orangutan (scientific name Pongo) comes from Malay. Orang meaning person, utan meaning forest so orangutan means.

The Amazing Orangutans by Violet

Introduction Orangutans are Asian apes, found in Indonesia and Malaysia, currently only found in the rainforests of Borneo (Malaysia),.


Introduction The orangutan (pongo) is an extremely smart primape. It is very much like a human, it is human. The orangutan is an.

Orangutans by Aleksandr

Introduction The orangutan is under the species of the great apes. Orangutans come in the Sumatran and the Bornean type, living on the.

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