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ANGKA numbers to 10 poster BAHASA INDONESIA indonesian

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LOTE indonesian SMARTBOARD warna colours COLORS 5 pages

5 page SMARTBOARD file ~ learning colours/colors in bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). First 2 pages act as a chart and interactive chart for 11 basic...

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TELLING THE TIME half past flashcards JAM BERAPA? bahasa indonesia INDONESIAN

Make simple yet effective flashcards which teach students how to tell the time (half past) and how to ask 'what time is is?" in Indonesian. You wi...

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Indonesian SEA WORDS word wall 32 sea words (in bahasa) with cute pics + 3 word searches (Jr, Middle and Upper) + using a bilingual dictionary sheet (sea words)

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A lesson which helps students to understand the different greeting used in Indonesia. Includes BLM/printable, teacher notes and answer key....

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BAHASA INDONESIA vegetables vegies WORD WALL flashcards

Indonesian VEGETABLES word wall - sayur-sayuran 27 common vegetables in Bahasa with cute pics Great for word walls, displays, flash cards, games etc. Words

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bahasa indonesia ~ Drink and Toilet request chart, poster LOTE Indonesian

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NOMOR angka numbers to 20 flashcards BAHASA INDONESIA indonesian

Make simple yet effective flashcards which teach students numbers to 20 and how to ask 'how many?" in Indonesian. Colour and black/white versions....

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Happy Birthday song in bahasa Indonesia ~ LOTE chart Indonesian

A choice of two posters displaying the words to 'Panjang Umurnya' plus matching mini ones which can be used for Birthday certificates! Print one o...

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