The Truth About Tim Winton

I was asked to interview the famous Australian writer Tim Winton for a literary event. His latest book, a memoir called The Boy Behind the Curtain, was being released and he was hitting the road on a.

Scraping Off The Barnacles

It’s my three month anniversary. Three months ago I retired from my work in radio.

The Miserable Joy of Eeyore.

Eeyore has a penchant for gloomy ruminations, or so says Tigger. I adore Eeyore, so much like my first dad. I miss him and all these Eeyore sayings sure do sound like him :)

Freedom. Or Perks?

If I get a bit huffy from time to time because I used to be someone, I hope I remember that I much prefer the someone that I am now.

Eat More Cake...and Merry Christmas

The Hubby and I had the conversation we had to have a few weeks ago. About cake.

Burning Up

All of us who’ve been close to fire never forget it. A huge red sun low in the sky made our home feel like an alien planet.

Do The Mashed Potato

"Mashed Potato Time" *** Dee Dee Sharp - Loved the mashed potato - such a fun dance!

How I Discovered One of Australia's Best Selling Authors

How did you discover your favourite authors? Were their books propping open a window in the desert?

The Song That Broke The Band

Some songs stay with you for a lifetime. Some songs change your life.