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Goldfish Mermaid by Calerie

Third drawing of my mermaid series, possibly my favourite. Just look at those bitchy lips.


Narwhal Print A Happy Narwhal inch by GeorgiaDunnStudio Holland loves narwhals--the unicorns of the sea! EDIT: These are real- just rare I think. That's why I listed them in the ' fay' board.

Rays are so dang cute and I would imagine that they would make great pets. :I…

Vera And Some Rays by (I love this because in the oceans of my world, merfolk often have pet rays, which young ones like to ride on.

The Narwhal - Monodon monoceros .Often called “unicorns of the sea”, these amazing creatures are sea mammals, and according to biology’s definition – whales. The Monodontidae family consists of two species – the beluga whale and the horned narwhal. They can be found in the Arctic waters near Greenland .

Narwhals narwhals swimming in the ocean causing a comosion cuz there awesome